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Tree Removal, Trimming and other tree services can be tough if you’re doing it alone. It can be very time consuming and physically exhausting. That’s where My Tree Services comes into the picture. We offer Tree services to make sure you can get on with your day with a beautiful yard. My Tree Services are a professional and reliable local Tree Removal company, based in Central Auckland. With more than 25 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and ability to provide the best tree removal experience.

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If you are looking for a professional and Reliable Tree Removal Contractor, you are in the right place! My Tree Services will make your Tree Removal experience as quick and stress-free as possible! Please provide us with a few details about your tree removal and we’ll call you back within a 12 hours with your free quote!

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    We believe in hard work, and we are not cutting corners. Our client satisfaction and their peace of mind is always our top priority, and our goal is to move their belongings safely and respectfully. We work flexible hours to accommodate your schedule requirements and ensure your tree removal experience is as smooth and seamless as possible.

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    At My Tree Services our greatest concern is the safety of our workers and the general public. This means we wear Hi Vis Shirts, Chaps, gloves, eye, protection, and boots.

    The cost of tree removal varies greatly since there are so many different locations and types of trees. Contact us now for a free quote if you think there may be a tree that needs removing on your property

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    Why Should I Employ An Arborist?

    The removal of trees is a dangerous service that requires high levels of training and experience. In order to perform the service to the highest possible quality and in the safest way, you also need extremely well trained crews, industrial standard machinery, stringent safety protocols. Luckily for anyone needing Tree Removal Auckland, our crews are equipped with everything they need to deliver high quality tree removals services. We have the best tools and training available, at unbeatable prices.

    The secret to providing high quality tree removal Auckland is to always use local Auckland arborists. Only a local has the knowledge of the local environment to ensure the best outcomes for your trees & property.

    If you want an Auckland tree removed, then look no further than our Tree Removal Auckland team. Whether you need stump grinding, tree pruning or a complete tree removal, our professional tree service crew can see to your needs.

    Steps we follow

    With experience of 25+ years in Tree services Auckland, our team has the right pieces of equipment on which you can rely. Our working method gets divided into steps for better efficiency, with each team responsible for distinct tasks.

    First, we inspect the size of the tree and other requirements. Based on this, we plan the process of cutting and removal.
    A team looks at the possible dangers related to the task and takes measures to prevent any hazards.
    With proper planning, the core team climbs on the top of the tree and cutting the larger branches.
    We maintain all the safety measures and take care of all the preventive gear to protect the surroundings.
    Gradually, after cutting the necessary side branches, we descend to cut the trunk. Each step gets supervised by an experienced professional who guides the working team.

    Tree removal Auckland Just Got Easy Under our Expertise!

    Removing a tree sometimes becomes the need of the hour. Not removing it may cause damage to your property and pose a danger to those living there. With our services, you can now easily meet your needs and make your property danger-free.Our expert tree surgeons offer complete removal and Tree pruning services at your doorstep. With the presence of our qualified arborists, there is no need to worry! We take care of every aspect related to it and cut as per your instructions. With our services of tree removal papakura, you can remove trees of any size from your property. Our efficient team will complete the task under an estimated time and provide you exactly what you wanted.