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stump grinding 1
30 Sep

Stump Grinding and Removal Auckland

Do you want your trees to be removed? Well, some people feel overwhelmed when they are faced with a tree removal project.  There can be many issues when homeowners try to remove the trees themselves such as the tree falling in the wrong direction and damaging footpaths and othre property. 

Stump Grinding Auckland
15 Sep

The Benefits of Stump Grinding

If your garden is having one or more ugly tree stumps, consider stump grinding for your beautiful garden. Stump grinding is a service offered by My Tree Services, a stump removal service that can uproot an unwanted stump after a tree has died, fallen, or is required to be cut.

site clearance 2
12 Sep

Site Clearance and demolition service in Auckland-NZ

While conducting a demolition plan, several methods are involved to guarantee a smooth shift from planning to the demolition to take place smoothly. Majorly, demolition is done to give way to a new construction structure since the existing structure cannot be modified or developed anymore. After the demolition is proper, the necessary action is to clear out the site properly.